Essen Production AG JSC produces its confectionery items at one of the highest-volume manufacturing sites in Russia. Every year, the company outputs more than 27.8 thousand tons of products: bars, crispy rolls and jelly-candies, fondants, truffles and combined fillings, as well as hollow wafer-based candies.

Essen Production AG JSC opened its first confectionery production line in 2012, and by 2016 it was running 7, while, by 2019 the number had reached 13.

Thanks to automation, the company has managed to achieve the highest productivity per worker in the Russian confectionery industry, amounting to more than 13 million rubles per person a year. High performance equipment manufactured by the leading world brands — Chocotech, Caotech, WDS, HAAS, Sollich, Theegarten Pactec, etc. is used in our production facility.

“We set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the top five leading confectionery manufacturers in Russia, and decided that we would invest 2 billion rubles into production, annually. Why are we investing in the stagnant confectionery market? We are investing in the future, in technologies and in products that will be in demand in 5 years. And, of course, we are eager to be ahead of the competition. “Even today, a lot of companies are lagging nearly three years behind us, technologically”, said Leonid Baryshev, the General Director of Essen Production AG JSC.

Currently, our confectionery site produces more than 10 million candies a day under the ESSEN brand, these being sold both within Russia and in 36 countries around the world.